Prewound Bobbins

$ 25.00

Nobody likes to wind bobbins.  JPM Supply Company has tested various brands and styles before finding something we're confident you'll enjoy using.

Each bobbin is slightly bonded to prevent unraveling but not enough to alter you tension settings from self-wound bobbins.  Paper sides ensure no snags and even feed as you sew. You'll find smooth and even thread tension from beginning to end and will never find yourself stopping a project to wind bobbins again.

Bobbins are available in both TEX92 for joint seams where visibility needs to be at a minimum and size TEX138 where greater strength or tension is needed for a heavier top stitch.  We offer standard size M bobbins as well as high capacity size U bobbins (sometimes referred to as size G).

Technical resources for thread application and needle type can be found here:
Amann Thread Application Guide
Amann Upholstery Thread and Needle Guide


Made in the USA

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